Madison County Lions - 2024 Madison Lions Award

April 5, 2024 - April 16, 2024

Bud Kreh Chair of Awards Committee - 909 Ashlawn Drive, Madison, VA 22727

For immediate release:


The Madison County Lions Club is seeking nominations for its 2024 “Madison Award” for outstanding community service.  Tuesday, April 16 th is the deadline for receiving nominations.  The award is given annually to the person deemed most worthy of recognition for community service in the County.

Established in 1991, the Award is intended not only to recognize outstanding service to the community but also to encourage it.

The 2024 Award will be presented at the Lions Club Award Dinner on the evening of May 21 st at Graves Farm & Lodge in Syria. The winner will receive a plaque and the privilege of directing a cash prize of $200 to a cause of his or her choosing.

Anyone who has performed voluntary, unpaid community service over a sustained period of time in Madison County is eligible to receive the Award, except for previous winners and members of the Lions Club. Nominations of persons previously considered for the Award, along with others, are encouraged.

Nominations may be made by individuals and organizations. Nominations should be in the form of letters to the Madison County Lions Club.

The letter of nomination should set forth the name and address of the nominee, and describe the service to the community for which the person is being nominated.

It should be sent to: Lion Bud Kreh, Chair of the Awards Committee, at 909 Ashlawn Drive, Madison VA 22727 or [email protected].

Previous winners of the Award have been: Irene Argabright and Alice Van Wart (in 1991), Louis Graves

(1992), Polly Powell (1993), Paul Coates (1994), William Hale (1995), Marjorie Lamar (1996), Michael

Hale (1997), Connie Johnson (1998), William and Frances Harris (1999), Edward Eddins and Augustus

Johnson (2000), Patricia Brummett (2001), Joan Cheston (2002), Oliver Utz (2003), John Fray (2004),

Hazel Jones (2005), Jack Fray (2006), Russell Lohr (2007), Frank Anderson (2008), Janice Carpenter

(2009), Martha Cornwell (2010), Richard Fletcher (2011), J.L. Taylor (2012), John Slaughter (2013), Steve

Grayson (2014), Bob and Helen Slavin (2015), Max Lacy (2016), Robin Corum (2017), Shirley Workman

(2018), Margaret Gilley (2019), Nan Coppedge (2020/2022), and Fay Utz (2023).

As in the past, the Lions Club is inviting representatives of various Madison service and civic organizations to join it in selecting the winner.