The Oregon Trail Game at Hoover Ridge

November 1, 2020 - November 30, 2020

Hoover Ridge Park - 158 Primary School drive, Madison, VA 22727

The Oregon Trail has started!!! The game will be set up in the Clore Trails all month. Just grab your score cards from the Parks and Rec office, bring a pen and walking shoes and you’re all set!  We’re bringing this classic computer game to life!!
Begin your journey from Independence, MO (Camp Crockett) through the Oregon Trail (Mountaineer Trail) to reach Willamette Valley, Oregon. The trail is long and the journey is rough! You’ll face many hardships along the way – including starvation, thieves, freezing conditions and more. You’ll also hunt and stop at forts along the way.
Score cards should be picked up at the Parks and Rec office (front porch). You’ll need to bring your own pen(s) to mark your score cards. Then head over to the Clore Trails to begin the game. Trails should be pretty well marked – just make sure you stop at each Trail Card and follow the instructions. This game will be up for the month of November. You should be able to play multiple times – occasionally we will change out pages to make the game a little different for frequent guests!
The entire trail is almost a mile long and follows the Mountaineer Trail (entire outer loop of the Clore Trails). Be sure to watch your step – there are tree roots hidden under the leaves! The Oregon Trail at Hoover Ridge has been adapted from the computer game and from Pressman’s board game.
FREE family activity!!!