Greenscapes Nursery & Garden Shoppe, Inc.

November 11, 2020

5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Greenscapes Nursery & Garden Shoppe - 531 Cedar Hill Rd., Madison, VA 22727

5:30 PM EST – 7:30 PM EST
Taking Back Your Health – Empowering You
Let’s Take Back Our Health – Series 1 – Empowering You!
This is going to be a packed evening including a DIY. The charge will be $10 for DIY if you want to participate we will collect money (cash or debit) at the door. It is going to be so much fun so don’t be late signing up because due to COVID we can only have 15 people!
The first part of the night we will talk about ways to use your oils to gain benefit other than in a diffuser or rolling it on. We will talk about what we do and you can share what you like doing because maybe someone else doesn’t realize your can do that. We will give you ideas of the oils that we like to use for things like allergies, immunity doing the practices that we are going to show.
The 2nd part of the evening will be the DIY. In order to stay in accordance with the regulations for COVID there will be supplies on each table for each person that signs up. Attendees that choose to participate will create (2) 8oz. Bath Salts containers based on (3) oil blends selected by the instructors. At the end if you want to make additional blends they will be an additional $5.00. All Materials for the DIY will be supplied.
**** If those attending would like to have pizza and chip in for that I will be glad to order from Giovanni’s – Please send me a PM and let me know.
COVID-19 guidelines will be required as set by the Virginia Dept. of Health. Temperature check/wellness form/ hand sanitation will be required before entering. We ask that you all wear either a shield or mask protection.