DuCard Winery

October 17, 2020

DuCard Winery - 40 Gibson Hollow Rd., Etlan, VA 22719

We are delighted to be partnering with the Friends of The Rappahannock  to add a new ‘green’ initiative to our environmental commitment at DuCard.
This fall, starting Saturday, October 17, when you buy a bottle (or more !) of DuCard wine to take home, we will give you a tree to plant. Trees provide a range of benefits to our planet – offset global warming by sequestering carbon, providing shade that cools the planet, providing habitat for other species / biodiversity, controlling water runoff, and more. And oh, they just look beautiful and peaceful too!
You can help protect and improve the planet by drinking DuCard wine. Not too tough.
Note: excludes prepaid Wine Club allocations and wine consumed on the patio. Offer is tied to bottle purchases to take home.
Program will continue through end of November or while supplies last. DuCard is open daily and trees are available with purchases every day.