Early Mountain Vineyards

May 30, 2020

5:00 p.m.

Early Mountain Vineyards - 6109 Wolftown-Hood Rd., Madison, VA 22727

UPDATE! We are thrilled that Chef Craig Hartman, owner of BBQ Exchange will be joining in the fun! AND… he’ll be featuring Pork Belly that day for us to taste side by side with Chef Tim’s Grilled Lobster Tails and Stephen Barnard’s Braai.
We are very excited to welcome Keswick Vineyards winemaker Stephen Barnard (virtually) to our May 30th Taste of Virginia. Not only will we be tasting his Viognier, one of our favorites (and a stunning companion to grilled shrimp & scallops), we’ll be digging deep into barbecue culture and comparing notes on American Southern barbecue tradition in comparison to the South African tradition of Braai. Rumor is that Stephen will be building a Braai that day! We’ll be joined by Early Mountain’s Chef Tim Moore as well as some other special guests.
And we chose three wines that we love to accompany foods of smoke and fire:
Keswick Vineyards Viognier 2019
Early Mountain Chardonnay 2018
Early Mountain Foothills 2018
Join in with any or all of these wines or your favorite beverage for grilling. We’ll be sharing tips and recipes throughout the day as well!
In addition to the wine trio, we are offering a grill pack.
Local Specialties Include:
Early Mountain Seven Spice Rub (8 oz): layered and complex dry rub, perfect for pork shoulder, ribs, or brisket
Early Mountain Seasoned Herb Salt (8 oz.): Seasoned salt with herbs, garlic & spice, perfect for fish or chicken.
AR’s Hot Southern Honey, Mild: 12 oz
Bone Doctor: Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce