Sevenoaks Retreat Center

December 21, 2017

0: a.m. - 0: a.m.

Sevenoaks Retreat Center - 403 Pathwork Way, Madison, VA 22727

Join us for a Multi-Cultural Celebration of Winter Solstice
The Birth of the Light

The day will include::
* Seven Pillars of Wisdom – A process to help us reach deep into our own wisdom tradition to touch the Source of constructive, effective social action
* Dances of Universal Peace – songs and dances from many different world traditions
* A Solstice ritual at the Sevenoaks Medicine Wheel
* Drumming class
* Emotional process work and EFT (tapping, Emotional Freedom
Technique) – gentle transformative mind-body healing tools
* Christmas Carol singing and a Labyrinth of stars
* A Quaker-style silent meeting for reflection and guidance
* A potluck supper — Please bring a dish to share nourishment

Cost: whatever feels right for you to contribute

Event Descriptions and Schedule: